Norris Family Photos

Our Family has known the Norris Family for quite a few years! My brothers have been friends with Jon and Hunter for some time as well! So, I was super excited when Roxanne asked me to capture their family portraits. We had limited availability to get it done as well since both boys were about to take off on the next chapters of their lives and were not going to be around! We picked our day and as it got closer, we realized it was going to rain ALL DAY! Luckily, we were able to make it work to move it to the day before. We took the photos on my parents property and we were about 10 minutes in the session and the rain ROLLED IN FAST and HEAVY!! I sat in the car and was trying to figure out what to do because I knew we could not reschedule. Thankfully, my Aunt and Uncle live right down the road and they have recently restored the barn to a wedding venue. We went down there and we were able to make the rest of our session happen! The Norris’ were troopers and were willing to get a little wet to make our last few photos work. But so glad we got this session in so now Roxanne and Greg are able to hang up so beautiful portraits in their home! Enjoy!!

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