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About Loren

My photography journey originally started with a camera and the desire to take nice pictures of my friends, family, horses, and adventures in life. As time went on and I grew as a photographer, more people began to ask me to take their photos.
I always told people I would never be a wedding photographer but a desperate friend needed someone to capture her day and VOILA, here I am! I fell in love with the excitement and magic of the day. And I would love to be along side you on your special day! 
In addition to weddings, I love capturing the kissable cheeks of a little one, the laughter and love in a family and the milestones of a senior.

I am passionate about all of my clients and excited for every opportunity that comes my way! So don't hesitate to contact me with your moments! 

wife. Mom. horse lover. riding instructor. ice cream enthusiast. lover of smiles and laughs.

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One of the best things about being a photographer is looking back at photos and reliving the special moments. 


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CONGRATS! You're engaged! One of the most important days is upon you and now you need someone to capture it. :) I still feel so blessed and honored every time a couple asks me to be a part of their wedding day (and I look forward to the cake). I can't wait to hear your story! I love hearing how couples met and witnessing the happiness and joy they bring to each other. 

Be sure to contact me for more information and details on pricing, packages and availability! 

Thanks for stopping by! Are you needing a senior session, family session, or do you have cuddly lambs or a cute newborn calf you want photographed with your child? (Yup! I've done it and they're some of my favorite photos!) I am up for anything and super excited to hear from you to capture your special moments in life! 

Be sure to contact me for inquiries, information, pricing and availability! .

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